Create space to break the norm.

Here at WinShape, we invite you to unwind, break free from distractions and flourish right where you are. To make that possible, we’ve established a few policies:

Substances, Firearms & Candles

Alcohol, cigarettes/smoking devices and firearms are not permitted on the property.

Please do not burn candles or incense inside of the buildings at any time.


WinShape Retreat and WinShape Teams facilities are for adults only (infants and children under the age of 18 are not permitted).


We operate a pet-free campus (although you may spot some of the beautiful wildlife that frequently visit our grounds!).

Lost or Unattended Items

WinShape is not responsible for any personal items or belongings left unattended.

Outside Food

Please do not bring any outside food into your meeting room (individually-wrapped, bite-sized candies are allowed).

Cell Phones

Cell phones are permitted; however, please silence your ringer and limit phone conversations in shared spaces.