Photo of David Lillie

David Lillie

Client Relationship Coordinator, WinShape Teams

"If you don't expect the best, you'll take few risks. Without risk, you will always underperform your potential."
- Mark Miller

David works with clients to discover the specific needs and goals of their teams so he can match them with the best-suited programs and offerings at WinShape Teams. His background includes a role as a Business Development Manager for Coca-Cola, as well as extensive facilitation experience as a Lead Facilitator for WinShape Teams. The combination of both has equipped him to excel in his newest role as a Client Relationship Coordinator.

David enjoys encouraging others to challenge the status quo and seek transformation in their own lives and organizations. His desire is to motivate organizations and leaders to take care of their people and use their own influence to meet real needs in today's world.

Berry College is near and dear to David; not only is it where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management and his Master of Business Administration, but it’s also where he met his lovely wife, Anna. In his free time, David can be found mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, and trying out local coffee shops with his wife (strong and black is his favorite).

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