Photo of Betty Bergen

Betty Bergen

Sales Manager, WinShape Retreat

"I have been created in the image of God and I bear specific value and giftings from him that make me his image bearer."

As a natural-born people-connecter and problem solver, Betty enjoys finding ways to meet the needs of others and provide solutions to challenges they face. Connecting the dots for someone and watching their story develop brings her immense joy. So, it only makes sense that Betty would serve in a role where she’s constantly connecting people to opportunities with WinShape that can meet their specific needs.

In her 15 years with WinShape, Betty has had the privilege of seeing lives transformed, marriages made whole, and organizations empowered to create meaningful culture. As the Winshape Sales Manager, Betty helps her team promote hope-filled opportunities that provide transformation through the various experiences WinShape offers.

After raising four children, Betty and her husband now enjoy being grandparents to 14 grandchildren. Outside of work, Betty’s favorite places to be are at home cooking up a meal for her family or on the road adventuring with her husband and catching antique shops along the way.

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